amazed no one is talking about this Sunday's YM move to CME Globex from eCbot?

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  1. amazed no one is talking about this Sunday's YM move to CME Globex from eCbot? your broker ready?...up and running this Sunday from CME Globex?...will it be available on the Global Strategy Trader through Global Futures via Rosengill Collins Group?
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  3. we are not alive anymore due to market volatility. Please leave the message, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for being on ET.
  4. WTF is YOUR problem, increasenow?

    You clearly have not looked into the issue AT ALL!

    Here ya go...

    And as for the CURRENT (still CBOT) feed... CBOT stopped all promotions on 1/1/08. So until the move to Globex, the only way to get quotes for the promotional products is to subscribe to CBOT. It's a b.s stunt on the part of providers like TS and Esignal to extract more money from uninformed "traders". Case in point... why is YM still "free" for iqfeed subscribers.

    Of more importantance regarding the change for YM, Iceberg orders and trading hours. Personally I expect MORE volume (after the initial conversion), and more DOM trickery. Maybe even more "trade-thru" needed for fills.

  5. Am I reading this right to mean once the conversion occurs, in order to trade the YM, ES and NQ, one would only require the CME data feed, and not the CBOT data feed at all?

    It seems obvious, but I just want to make sure.
  6. I get YM quotes realtime through my Global Strategy Trader plaform...guess it is included in the amount I pay per month...also all the CME eminis...thanks for the reply Osorico
  7. Hi Steve;

    The eCBOT feed will be available for emergency backup purposes only, until mid February, according to the Impact pdf. So yes, all that will be needed ie available, is a CME/Globex feed.

    It is up to the data providers to "package" the instruments. I'd bet donuts, YM will be "packaged" in the existing e-mini feed packages available via the various providers.

    Osorico :)
  8. this is so serious, very serious stuff...thanks to all who have viewed or replied!!!
  9. !serious!
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