Amazed by my previous stock predictions' accuracy?

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  1. posted in 'Hot stocks for the coming days' and 'WOW! Buy GMXR NOW!'?
    If so, here's a couple more:

    LDK closed at $4.04 yesterday, but it will yield double-digits within the next 10-15 stock market sessions, by touching (and most likely surpassing) $4.35.
  2. 4.04 to 4.35 is only a 7% move, not double digit.
    Stocks that dont follow a rally are usualy weak stocks that are going to continue their decline when this sucker rally fades out.
    just some thoughts. Good luck anyways.
  3. 10:18 am EST.
    LDK at $4.78...
    Need I say more..??
  4. Wow you are so amazing, please tell me more.
  5. LOL the accuracy of your stock predictions sure is amazing!
  6. Well....I would, but it is about MGM and the Adminitrators just sent me a message at I shouldn't be posting penny stocks here.

    What the heck; one last one: if MGM, currently at $3.79, surpasses$3.85, SHORT IT for a hefty (and very very quick, even intraday perhaps) 7%!
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    Guess we should not mention F, GE, BAC or C either.

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  8. Ha ha, so true....
    EVERYTHING seems to be penny stocks nowadays!
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    MGM is fine. So is F, GE, BAC, and C. While we have a policy against discussing penny stocks we don't define them by price alone.

    Here's the rules -- any stock (not OTCBB or Pink Sheets) can be discussed that meets at least one of the following two criteria:

    1. It trades above $5.... or
    2. It has at least 1,000,000 shares of average daily volume.

    If a stock does not trade above $5 and does not have an average daily volume of at least 1,000,000 shares then for our purposes it's a penny stock and we don't want it discussed at ET. All others are fine.
  10. Magna, thanks for telling us that. I wasn't actually aware that ET had such a policy. I assume you want to keep ET different from other boards that discuss penny stocks like crazy, huh?

    I have mentioned a few times on ET that I have bought some penny stocks (and I mean pinks and OTC) and then sold half when they doubled, etc. I would hope there is nothing wrong with mentioning that one has bought penny stocks, etc. before. I haven't discussed any individual penny stocks or anything.

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