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    Should College Athletes get paid some of the billion dollars the industry of college sports takes in a year??? .....

    How can a 17 year old motocross champ ( Bubba Franks ) make seven figures a year thru prizes and endorsements and Lebron James gets heat when given an SUV????
  2. Yes, they should be paid, in a trust fund capacity. And they should then get the money when they graduate. No graduation, no pay.
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    I think if they bring in the dollars they should be part of it, right now no trust....There are kids making millions in extreme sports that are still in high school...why should the lebron James of the world not be able to enjoy the same....What makes playing the sports thru a high school or college any different than lets say the X-games??? thats really the only difference....
  4. The X-games participants are paying all their expenses, student athletes don't.

    Le Bron was free to quit high school and go to play pro ball in Europe.
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    Please explain this....I dont understand what you mean by this...
  6. Who pays for travel expenses, equipment, training costs for the X-gamers?
  7. presumably, the college sports are subsidized and financed by taxpayers and all the suckers that rack up tuition debt to attend. but you're right - they should be paid if someone is willing to pay them. they should just make the sports completely self-funded, sort of a subsidiary of the school or a separate league, if there's a demand for it.
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    I have no idea how it works, if you have time and know please elaborate....I just picked X-games out of many other non-collegiate forums....

    I dont know how college ball works as far as where the money flow comes from ( taxes, ticket sales or TV rights but I am sure taxes doesnt compose the biggest percentage)...but there was an example ( ESPN magazine ) where there was a kid that played both xtreme sports and college ball which could not accept money from the xtreme sports side because of college ball rules......
  9. Here is the point. Most X-gamers pay all their own expenses. They are not subsidized, unless they are in an area of expertise and notoriety where they can get endorsements, a.k.a. Tony Hawk was with skateboarding.

    The college, high school student athlete gets free education, and pays no costs for training at the school, equipment, medical expenses related to injuries, etc.
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    got ya..thanks for explaining...But before the Athlete got into college there were many lil league games that were not subsidized by their college...but i get ya point....

    you also think they should get paid.....whats the difference if its in a trust or not???.....
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