Amateur trading move-why traders lose

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  1. not all traders lose but a big reason why most do is because of this:
    what the market just was down 15 points and spiked 200 points to the up. amateurs panic buy at the highs and watch there money go red quickly because they start buying indiscriminately with no regard for technical set ups. good traders bought earlier at specific points/levels and can care less about all the hype in the markets right now because of all the green. suckers buy at the highs and get killed. i do not like seeing it happen but i see it happen everyday,especially when the futures are up big in the morning and they panic buy at the open.
  2. how much stock and or spyders/futures contracts did you buy at the high and sell at the low exactly?

    I think traders lose money not because they react like amateurs to the market but because they waste too much time on elite.
  3. don't get me wrong,we can rally more into the close and money can be made but the easy money has been made already.,
  4. none. i only play equities. i played MOS today and did very well.
  5. well ":nyscalper",you are on elite and typing away.
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    I think most lose money because they are not prepared to lose money.
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    how much did u loose ? :D :D
  8. you do understand why the market moved, right?

  9. being someone who has started to learn how to trade (at least started)

    my own experience has been - I lost because I 'believed' something would happen in the market - and that belief had no basis in reality

    and I got stomped every time I bought stock on that basis

    starting to learn to not do that any more

    its kind of like ---- if it hurts when you stick a pencil in your eye..........stop sticking a pencil in your eye!
  10. enforcer is clueless, he starts a thread like this once a day.

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