Amaranth HF Mgr To Start Hedge Fund

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  1. Nicholas Maounis, the hedge fund manager whose Amaranth Advisors collapsed under a record $6.6 billion loss in 2006, is seeking to start a new firm, according to Bloomberg.

    ''Many of you have inquired as to my future plans,'' Maounis wrote in a note to his former investors. ''I welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally about my new venture.''

    Maounis plans to open Greenwich, Connecticut-based Verition Fund Management later this year with more than $200 million, according to two former investors briefed on the venture. Clients with money in Amaranth when it shut down won't pay incentive fees for three years, said the investors, who asked not to be identified because the fund is private. While the fund won't charge a management fee, all investors will pay the fund's expenses.

    Verition, derived from the Latin word for truth, will start with three strategies: quantitative, which uses computer models to pick trades; bonds and loans; and special situations, focusing on convertible bonds issued by companies going through corporate events such as mergers. Maounis declined to comment.

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