Am Stuck in the 2000k

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  1. I have been investing/trading for the past three years, and it seems I can't break out of the $2000+ range. The most I have made is $150 to $200, and have lost the same amount, but always keeps fluctuating in the area of $2000. I swing trade, and use all my stops, and some times use trailing stops. But its pretty depressing that I have not made any real money, I don't know what am doing wrong and if I should quit or keep on trying.

    Any Good advice or experience will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, all...
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    Get a job. Save some money and start with good amount of money. U will go no-where with 2000.

    Those informercials that are shown on TV everyday that some guy turned his 2000 into a Million is bullshit.

    I'm amazed looking at Current generationof kids. They don't have patience to do anything.
    Most of them don't finish college. First mistake.
    As soon as they get 1000 or 2000 in their hand. they either jump into trading to be the next Livermore. Or they start playing poker expecting to be the next WSOP champion, thanks increasing number Poker shows shown on TV in the last 3-4 years.

    Whole System in USA has become so fuc'd up in the last decade (get rich quick schemes) with constant brainwashing. Lot of current generation think doing a 9-5 job is demeaning and beneath them.

    Actually life is easy when u work, have a decent job and simultaneously invest the money u earn. U will end up much more financially successfull in life than people (Most of ET traders) going to a prop shop with 5000 and keep churning money all day for peanuts. That is one fuc'ed up stressfull life to lead.
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    I'll be a senior in college this year and all this is 100% true. Everyone thinks they can play online poker, not many trade though. But still fast money is and always has been a problem whether it be drugs, gambling, or trading.

    Trading is like anything else, if your the top 1% of any occupation you will be rich.
  4. ===============
    Nice work on cutting losses, 3 years consistancy;:cool:
    profits need to run more.

    Frankly many experienced mutual funds dont average 10%. Wisdom is profitable to direct.
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    And it is not 2000k, it is 2k. :D

    It is okay to be stuck at 2000k, which is 2 million dollars.