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    "The wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per_cent of the income but
    pay 37 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent pay 68 percent of the
    tab. Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent—those below the median income level—now
    earn 13 percent of the income but pay just 3 percent of the taxes." *
    The bottom third of tax filers pay no income tax at all.

    *by JosehpcJones at the

    Getting to the point of this thread, am I the only one that thinks it more than just a little bit unseemly for the representatives of the poor(who pay no income tax), to whine about the tax cuts the rich get?
  2. It's just the continuing saga of horse shit from politicians. The left has these ideas that never really work out at all but they feed on the class envy, they will tacitly admit it sometimes even...
  3. It is only going to get worse.

    The achilles heel of democracy is when a critical mass of voters coalesce around the idea of voting themselves the wealth earned by others. That is Obama's platform in a nutshell.
  4. Tax breaks for the middle class is becoming a moot point imo. The largest source of revenue will be from fee,s and excise taxes, etc.

    The poor smoke and don't pay taxes, yet we have exhorbiant cigarette tax, which falls didpropoionately on tham. This is one example but there are dozens of other nickel and dime bs instances.