Am I the only one......................

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by T-Bone Trader, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. who is making good profitable daytrades using a pure stoch + macd system?

    everyone at my prop firm keeps hassling me for trading advice and it is getting frustrating since i'm fairly new to trading myself

    i think this is a fairly easy and common ta system but it doesn't seem like it by the jealousy on my trading floor
  2. NoDoji


    Just discovered stochs this week and it's simply amazing IMHO
  3. if I can just rely on TA for trading......I'd love to stick with it. But reality is...i find it difficult to rely on TA only. in fact, i get fooled by TA quite alot. i'd appreciate any advice. thx
  4. Arnie


    By TA, do you mean indicators like Stochastis, RSI, ADX?

    If asked I would say I use TA, but not in that sense. I look at charts (a lot) and note things like highs, lows, range/choppiness etc...Never had much luck with indicators. Traded with an older guy and all he used was MACD. Seemed to work for him.
  5. yes..... I use MA, volume, and MACD only at this point. I use them to confirm my entry but not as triggers.