Am i the only one who thinks This is wrong?

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    Max E.

    This is a total farce, they are putting Prince Harry in a base in afghanistan so he can play pretend warrior, and try to salvage some dignity for the royal family after the pictures of him naked just surfaced. There is no way he would be put into a position where he isnt being baby sat by 10 people, because no one would ever want to give that victory to the taliban.

    How can they justify putting all of these other troops in harms way, just to try to gain Prince Harry back some respect? It is obvious that whatever base Harry is at is an automatic target for the Taliban, he has no business being there, and the other people in charge of guarding this base should be screaming bloody murder for the British government putting their lives in harms way just so that he can try to regain some dignity, all in a weak attempt at propaganda. Apparently people at this base have already died.

    Report: Prince Harry Has Come Under Fire From Taliban Multiple Times

    LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — Prince Harry has reportedly taken fire from the Taliban during his current tour in Afghanistan.

    According to The Sun, the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana has had “multiple engagements” with the terror group while manning an Apache helicopter.

    “He can be sat in a deckchair for hours then scrambled immediately,” a military source told The Sun. “When in the air his role is diverse. This is no game and Harry is on the frontline of a terrifying war.”

    The British tabloid reports that the 28-year-old prince has been in the war-torn country for more than four weeks now.

    “He’s in the thick of it and is one of the lads,” the source told The Sun. “He’s genuinely risking his life in a warzone because he loves the Army and his country.”

    Harry previously served in Afghanistan in 2008.

    He recently came under fire – albeit in a different tone – after naked photos of him surfaced at a party at a Las Vegas casino and hotel.

    According to the Las Vegas Sun, the latest royal scandal helped bring in $23 million to Sin City.

    Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Board Chairman Tom Collins was overjoyed with the publicity it brought.

    “God bless Prince Harry,” Collins told the Las Vegas Sun. “He made us a bunch of money.”
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Are you insane?
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    tradingjournals would suck one for beer $. Put his sick ass on ignore.

    And to answer your question, I'm sure there's some politics involved. If he's flying an attack chopper, he's no question in harms way, however.

    If he were Obummer's Son, he would be playing in the NBA whether he could perform of not. Lol