Am I the Only One Totally PO'd With Brokers' Service?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by AAAintheBeltway, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I've been at this for a while. I have four brokers, who for the moment will remain nameless. One, which caters to prop traders, is ok although the platform is clunky. Another one, a big advertiser, is ok but their statements are incomprehensible and I always suspect they are diddling me with margin interest. The third has fouled up some paperwork relating to an acquisition and managed to have a big foreign tax witheld which I should b eexempt from. They regard it as "my problem." (If this is not solved, you will read more about it.) The last one I use mainly for options and was fine for years until they "upgraded" their s/w platform. Now it won't work with any of my computers. of course, I am the only customer who has ever had a problem, at least according to them.

    I'd like to find one cheap broker with a barebones platform, not web-based, that offers a decent range of products, has a reliable platform and pays decent interest on short balances,etc. Oh yeah, and doesn't treat their customers like a dog treats a fireplug.
  2. Have you tried MBT with a Universal Account? Superior Customer Service, and their platform integrates smoothly with QCharts as well.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Never tried them. In the past, they were RealTick based and I was using another Rt broker. I'll have a look at them, thanks.
  4. I checked them out. They don't appear to let you choose your routing for options, which is kind of a problem for one of the accounts. They might be fine for another account though. Thanks.
  5. so you're a foreign account and you represent yourself as in the beltway, presumably in the beltway surrounding Washington, DC?

    if there were foreign taxes withheld, then you need to call the IRS Fraud hotline and open a case with them and then go talk with the broker that you're dealing with. See if it doens't get corrected yesterday, then.

    Also, look at the Brokers section and review the notes made by others and then change, if you so desire.

    hope it works out, you're not going to be finished with this issue in a few days, its going to take some determined time and effort away from your trading and trading profitability