Am I the only one here who....

Discussion in 'Options' started by JJacksET4, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. thinks about options strategies while I go for a run :) ?

    Or are other people that serious as well?

    On another note, I am happy today because the only penny stock in my portfolio is AOG! Sold half of my position at the days highs.

  2. timbo


    If I'm running, I'm thinking about pussy.
  3. I think about futures trading strategies
  4. if I'm running, I'm thinking about whoever is chasing me. :D
  5. I think everyone is like that their first few years. Most guys also think they are re-inventing the wheel. Once you encounter guys who have done this stuff for years and have seen it all, the novelty of it all will begin to fade.
  6. QFT !! :cool:
  7. Absolutely true. Luckily I'm a reformed optionaholic.

    I do a few op trades now and then, but I mostly stick with stocks and futures now. Much easier and quite profitable.
  8. ggoyal


    true. it's not just about trading. in pretty much anything.
  9. ==================
    Yes JJacks;
    except i think about the underlying stock/ stock trends/etf more,
    & real estate more.

    And i walk more than run;
    see more wildlife that way .

    Great time to think, fun time to think.:cool:
  10. while on the elliptical today, i was thinking about a better way to isolate vega than a reverse calendar spread. That thought ended abruptly when a hot redhead started playing with those big exercise balls in front of me.

    maybe if i wasnt interrupted i could found a way to truely isolate IV and win the nobel prize! dang women ruins everything :D
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