Am I the only one getting laggy orders with this system?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by athlonmank8, May 17, 2007.

  1. According to SR tech support a TT feed is available via ShatkinArbor or Velocity futures.
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  2. when you say it lags, is it 20 to 50 seconds for a fill on a market order?

    I have been having troubles with the jtrader from rosenthal and today after I switched from comcast to verizon they said that I need to upgrade to the sr to get a better connection, I was getting filled in 20 to 50 seconds or longer and they say this will fix the problem, I guess I'll find out tomorrow
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  3. SDticks


    20 to 50 seconds!!! wow! I'm usually in and out of 2 trades by the time you get filled. I don't use either s/r or pats data feed but I can't believe anything would be that slow.
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  4. its a real problem, I have to time my trades so that theres plenty of room for error but it has really become a nightmare, today is was as long as 2 minutes

    I thought it was comcast but I changed to verizon and they get the order there in less hops and still it won't fill, they gave me a new ip address last week and it worked great and the next day it was slow again, I thought it was my computer but I have loaded rjo's platform and fxcm platform and gfts platform on it and they all work super fast, they are only demos but they work so I know the connection is good

    I'll find out tomorrow if this SR works
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  5. Ares


    I've uploaded this video with two DOM
    on the left TransAct, and Strategy Runner on the right
    As you can see Strategy Runner is not lagging much the Last price.
    But if you watch closely the bid ask colums you'll find that SR updates volume in about 1 seconds, while TransAct in 200 milliseconds
    You also noticed that SR last price is centralize by Ask (or Bid), while TransAct is static

    Hope this helps
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  6. Did you use SR with a Pats feed?
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