Am I the only one getting laggy orders with this system?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by athlonmank8, May 17, 2007.

  1. Im new to strategy runner (switched over from PATS) and have been getting much laggier orders.

    What's the deal with this. PATS worked great.

    Other than that I love the software.
  2. I am Live Trading Strategy Runner now and I have gotten the best of execution and fills. I love the software and the Charting that comes with it.

    Kind of all in one platform at a decent price. No complaints here
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    Strategy Runner lags

    This is due to their software architepture. The most important thing of this platform is to run the trading systems

    They need to filter some price data to avoid that some automated strategies are not able to work with a too fast feed.

    But the last price doesn't lag. You 'll find price lagging in the bid ask columns

  4. Nope, it doesnt !! And its spelled architecture !!
  5. Are you retarded?

  6. Typical Eter !! You asked a question if others had lagging Orders using SR..... I told you I wasnt having lagging orders. And that I have actually had exceptional Orders with this Platform and obviously that didnt match up to what you wanted to hear. So Iam retarded.

    The comical hilarity and the juevenile narrow mindness so prevalent at ET does not cease to amaze me. :D
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    Pats feed in SR lags

    SR updates any price/volume change in 900 milliseconds

    Try the Demo version of NINJA Trader with PATS feed and will notice this lag

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    yes pats with s/r sucks crap. it wigged out huge on the last fed meeting for 30-45 minutes. it was a disaster. its only good when markets tame
  9. i havent had such bad luck with pats feed in s/r..
  10. I've used SR through Rosenthal Collins Group for some time in the past... until I was introduced to Ninja Trader with Zen-Fire feed !! SR did lag quite remarkably. It is a good platform, though. I just wouldn't use it for scalping.
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