Am I responsible for faulty Trademaven?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jzlucas, Nov 12, 2005.

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    I experienced exactly the same as you did this week. I just posted a new tread not knowing of this one you posted.

    Really unbelieable bad customer service at TM when you're having problems. Did they (or this TM BS watcher) ever got back to you?
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    Yes you are right, I would ALWAYS go by what transact say
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    Good advice
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  4. snapshots and good notes....(are you using an older machine with windows 98?...just curious)

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    That may be your phone line? Are you in the country. I had/have at times that problem because of the"old" maybe cracked phone lines that I wish the phone company would replace.
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    Yes, that agreement you sign makes you responsible. TM ain't gonna pay for this one. I suggest always listen to your broker and if any doubt as others have said the exchange is the last word IMO.
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  7. No, nobody ever returned my call or got back to me. Had the same situation happen two more times. More phone calls. Some of the personnell seem to have no clue. Trademaven works better w/ PFG (from what Ive heard), but is absolute HELL with Transact. If you have that particular setup, CHANGE IT. Theres no need to lose money over faulty data feed/ trading software packages. Thanks to all and to those who PM'ed me stating their absolute disgust with Trademaven/ Transact. It feels like a support group!!! Good trading to all of you! J
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  8. A few days ago when ES shot up significantly, all the traders in a room I was in who use Trademaven/ Transact had yet another crash. All other traders had no situation. Everyone has their problems, but this particular setup seems to have a plethora of continuous nightmares.
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  9. I feel you brother. :mad:

    For the past couple weeks, the combo had made some nightmares for many scalpers in critical trading hours. They rebooted their system maybe once or twice a day during the regular trading hours. It forced me to stop scalping frequently and had to trade on longer timeframe and on much smaller lot. So forget about to use 30 contracts and make one point on a short timeframe if you'are trading through them :)

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  10. SR is much more stable then TM , and its the only server based platform out there.

    Yes TM has some bells and whistles , but at the end of the day its not the color of the car that matters , but the engine underneath the hood.


    If you do have a broker please specify when you sign up for the demo
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