Am I responsible for faulty Trademaven?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jzlucas, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Choad


    Dump all that junk and just hookup with IB/TWS.

    Sure they occasionally have problems, but that can be cut down to about 1 or 2 per year (my avg) if you just use the desktop downloaded TWS.

    Very good rates. Powerful workstation. Easy and open API for automation. Incredible array of markets to trade. Solid company!

    IB rules the broker biz...
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  2. OK, Im definitely going to check it out. Thank you for the info.
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  3. Choad


    The main bitch you hear about IB, and it is valid (I've whined about it too) is that sometimes there are glitches when you try to use the latest TWS. And there are frequent upgrades...

    What I do, is to just use the old version until they notify me that it is too damn old to support anymore. Usually you can use it for 6 months to a year with no hassles.

    The other problems are typically ISP-connection issues, or the very rare incorrect server-reset. IB has recently added a "Market data farm" connection/reconnection feature that seems pretty solid to me.

    I've made thousands and thousands of stock and op trades (semi-automated) with IB over the last few years and I'm convinced that a large part of my profitability is directly related to IB's very low rates and features.

    Good luck.

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  4. Im checking it out now... thanks again!
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  5. Why do you keep calling TradeMaven when its TransAct that you need to speak to?

    TA tech support (312) 431-1901.

    I got through immediately this AM when they lost their feed.
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  6. milstar



    Author participated in official Eurexus Price money contest with PFG Best platform with real time quote .PFG Best developed from Trademaven . Contest platform have had multiple failure's
    from start , 50% of time between 8.00-15.00 CST can not be used. Author for first 7 business days sended approx. 50 -email's with report about system failure's .After 7 business days system crashed for 8 business days.

    PFG best stated ,that author /contest leader/ compromissed
    PFG Best platform and disquailified .

    How one person from 1000 participants ,which traded
    in full correlation with contest rule "trade so many as wish R2000 contract" and have had objective only win Preis money can compromisse System ,which in first day not work
    50% of time for author not clear

    Your respectfully milstar
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  7. I do call Transact. I also call Trademaven and we conference w/ transact as well. More bad data today. Lost connection twice as well.
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    Trademaven seems to be your platform, Transact is the data feed and Greenstreet is the broker which is a part of Alaron. So if you were probably talking to Alaron thats where mostly likely your Robin name came in.

    I myself have had 1 issue with a stop order where I manually moved my stop pass the actual price and my order got locked in. I called Alaron and they patched me thru to Transact and flattned me immediately. I cant recall if I sent an activity log to TM, but it has never happened since. I might try and recreate this in Sim mode SOON!!! I was only down 1 or 2 ticks but was in profit before this happened. This whole scenario gotten taken care in about 4 mins max.

    As fas as bad data you better believe it. No clue whats the deal with TA'S Data feed. Horrible from 3AM TO 6AM and from 1800 to 2000

    Peace out!!!!
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  9. My problem should have taken 4 minutes as well. We were on the phone for about 2 hrs. They couldnt figure out where one the orders came from. They still dont know what happened that day. I locked up another day as well, but like you, problem solved in a few minutes.... as it should be. Good trading to you. J
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  10. Trixie


    You should have called your broker instead of the support people. Or call transact yourself. When you trade at discount rates, you are responsible for these types of things. You need to know what to do in that type of emergency. Two hours is total unacceptable, and I would hope you have a broker or person of contact when things like this happen. At the very least they should have told you how to find your position (by calling transact or globex) and then confirmed it with your broker. I hate to see that you had to go through this, but you learned and it will never happen again.
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