Am I responsible for faulty Trademaven?

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  1. before transact did business with trademaven, they had a very nice trading platform and still do. its just when you down load trademaven, eeryone seems to use trademaven. the gentleman from velocity is correct. have your computer generated order number, call your broker and ask them to immediately call the cme for your exact position. thats what will stand up if they give you information that causes loss because of their faulty information. don't trust anyone except your broker/cme and if they are wrong they will pay. make sure you set up your computer so it displays that very important order #.
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  2. good point --- the guys at Velocity are right!
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  3. Again, thanks for all the posts and information. This is an unfortunate learning experience. Ive had problems before, but nothing like this! That's why I had to come here to vent!! Good trading to all of you. See you in the bids! J
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  4. Hello,

    Just wanted to make sure the facts are right here.

    There hasn't been and currently isn't a "Robin" working for TradeMaven. This is likely a tech support person or broker from a firm supporting TradeMaven.

    Thank you.
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  5. Thats the name I was given when I asked her name after being on the phone with her for sometime. If I misunderstood her name, my fault. I want to make sure the facts are right as well. Whoever it was, had no clue as to what was going on though.
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  6. Hi,

    No prob.. the point I want to make clear is that the person you
    talked to wasn't from TM. TM has never verified a position for a
    client. TM tech support has clear instructions to refer the
    customer to work with the broker on any position issues. After
    the event, TM may help in research via ellaborate log files that
    tell all that has happend. No one at TM has access to the
    software required to check positions.

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  7. I called Trademaven support... then this lady (name unkown) conferenced Transact. Whom do you suggest I was talking to? Maybe you can help me. Curious as to why nobody will respond to my emails concerning said situation. Their used to be a prompt reply to my emails before. I would love to get this situation resolved. Are you offering your help here?
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  8. Hi,

    Like I said in the first post, you were likely talking to a broker or support person from a firm that offers TM. That is a different company then TM. TM does not have a female support rep, but many supporting firms do. TM is a software company that offers it's software to many different companies and individuals.

    Go ahead and send an email to for assistance from TM.

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  9. ...snip...
    Actually this makes perfect sense. TM should have no clue about open/closed positions. Unless you got connected to the inner sanctum of tech support... kinda like "I believe you have my stapler..."
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  10. Pabst


    I notice Velocity is held in the highest regard and of course TT is the Rolls Royce of stability.

    I attended the FIA convention in Chicago last week and the buzz I heard about Velocity was gratifying. As I walked around the convention floor with friends from the CBOT I'd hear comments like "those guys are the best electronic broker" ect.

    For a non-Chicago firm that's rare praise indeed.
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