Am I reading Zumo comissions correct?

Discussion in 'Options' started by nitro, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. nitro


    I just clicked on this forum sponsor:

    $1 RT for SIFs? .50 per side ??? Wow! :eek: :eek: Why is the ad ontop of this post showing something different than what I read on their website??? My guess is that $1 is just the comission and does not include exchange fees etc.

    What's the catch? :confused:

    I got too excited. It is just the comission and excludes exchange fees. Still, worth investigating.
  2. TraDaToR


    Nope, apparently there are ultra aggressive on pricing.They apply 1$ RT commissions for everyone with no volume requirements...WOW

    Exchange fees are correct in the tables it seems. If you are trading less than 1000 RTs a month, it's definitely worth considering.
  3. AloAlo


    they don't seem to be a bucket shop at all

    they seem legit

    and insurance by FDIC that IB offers is becoming a very mute point

    considering FDIC is broke :(
  4. cstfx


    SIPC insures trading accounts, not FDIC.

    2 different animals.
  5. It's MOOT, not MUTE.
    Mute means unable to speak.
    Sorry to interrupt.
    And thanks to the OP for the info.
  6. spindr0


    Sometimes it should be a mute point!

  7. AloAlo


    English is not my first language

    no excuse though, I should have known "mute" from "Moot"

    hey I learned something today :)
  8. MTE


    Futures accounts do not fall under SIPC, only stocks and options do. Segregation is the protection for futures accounts.
  9. AloAlo


    hmm if that too is to be believed
  10. Khallihan


    Commissions are correct. What you see is what you get.

    Funds are held in segregated accounts for protection.

    If anyone is interested in opening an account, feel free to contact me.
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