Am I missing something: Newbee question!

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    Am I missing something: Newbee question!

    I am trading on the NASDAQ on and off for 10 years now with moderate success.

    One important thing (to me at least) I have learned is that you can only make money if you have and invest money.
    I don’t believe in small size trades and always work with high volume size trades. (as opposed to 1 contract trade)

    I have just started with futures (for 3-4 months) and I am testing with various free test platform (like Best Online) to trade E-mini futures on the NASDAQ.

    Until now I see that I succeed to make some 20,000 - 30,000$ per month. Which in my book is absolutely unbelievable!!!

    My question is : AM I MISSING SOMETHING ???

    What I am doing is only one to two trades per day.
    I work with 20 to 30 contract per trade (~30-40k$)
    I work with the following technical graphs:
    - Intra day Price (obviously) for the immediate decision of Enter / Exit
    - Intra day Williams%R(10)
    - 2 day Williams%R(15)
    - intra day MACD(12,26,9)
    - Slow Stochastic (10)
    - 3 months Williams%R - to know the general market direction)
    - 3 months MACD(12,26,9) - to know the general market direction)
    - 3 months Slow Stochastic - -"-

    I choose the most extreme positions of the graphs (for long position): W%R close to 100, MACD on the lower bottom possible etc… and than I get in.

    I get out when I make a 1000$ which because of the high volume happens after a few ticks.

    When I make the 1000 or 2000 that day I go and rest and play with my children.
    Last month I got 25k$ in the TEST platform mind you!!!!!!

    So what am I missing here?!?!?!
    thanks in advance for even reading the post!
    :) :confused:
  2. dbphoenix


    Candletrader? You first.
  3. tanp21


    What is your risk to reward ratio? You may be risking 5,000 to make 1,000. In theory you will have more winners than losers however you will have large draw down in your account.

  4. No one here will give you much credit for successful papertrades. I'd post the results when you are trading real $$$.
  5. alright!

    You da man!
  6. :D
  7. dadarara


    I am playing with 30-40k$ per trade for getting 1000
  8. tanp21


    How much are your willing to lose per trade when the market goes agenst you?
  9. dadarara


    getting out if I lose 1000
  10. Real money, and real trades. We have plenty of 'paper' millionaires here so welcome to the Club :D

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