Am I looking for a pie in the sky?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by paulgun, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. paulgun


    I am a bit new to auto trading, here is what I would like.
    1. A sys that will work un attended to trade a portfolio of equities, ETF and FX. around the clock in all exchanges (24/5).
    2. time frames are inraday, 2-5 days, 5-20 days
    3. For diversification, no trade greater than 2% of assets, full margin.
    3. Must be able to back test the whole portfolio as well as individual strategies.
    4. I do not want to spend more than an hour/day.
    5. Must be totally stress free, yes, not interested even if it makes me million dollars a day with stress.
    6. I have an account with IB and Ameritrade for now.
  2. Yes.
  3. pak


    Im a bit old to trading, here is what I would like:

    1. A sys that getting the girl will come easy around the world
    2. ANY timeframe
    3. For diversification, no girl heavier then 140 lbs, full curves
    4. I do not want to spend any money buying drinks
    5. Must be totally stress free
    6. I have an apartment all ready to go for now.
  4. A little stress never hurt anybody...
  5. whatever you're bidding for this system i bid 1 tick higher:cool:
  6. Stress is a result of your belief in the system vs. your willingness to lose. If I have 20 bucks I throw onto a craps table and I don't care if I ever see it again, I'll have no stress. If I throw my LAST 20 bucks on the table having not yet purchased my ticket home, I have stress. Systems don't reduce stress, risking something you're not attached to does.

    I have heard of people who trade after hours 15 min per day and earn 3-5% per month on average. All orders placed and all stops set after the close, so no live data is available to play mind tricks on you. I'd look into that if I wanted to limit time per day and stress. Learn what OTO's and OCO's are and you can trade a real system after hours.