Am I Just A Piece Of...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Am I just a piece of apartment dwelling white trash scum that can't sleep at 4AM due to having no money who can't even get laid by the resident Drama Queen (Lauren "mytwocents"), who gets up smears peanut butter on open face sandwiches and posts on ET to make myself THINK me and my views are worth more than just the ink on this thread?

    If I am, what does that make all the other members here?

    *seriously considering pulling my membership*

    trade off
  2. save some of that peanut butter for me:D
  3. Saturday night man -- are you married? Go out and party.
  4. YES!

    But don't leave. We need more crazy f***ers around here!

  5. PETE??? Are you "UKPete"?? My old friend??

    The "crazy f**kers" shot made me think of my friend Pete for some reason.

  6. Keep your chin-up bro!
    There are dry spells every now and then. Just take it one day at a time . . . Don't worry, it DOES get better!

    By the way, Baron PM'd me earlier and indicated that our good friend Maverick74 has been banned from ET.

  7. Mav banned? Wow! Why then did Baron ban Saham "Sam"?

    Got any clue? Could you ask Baron? I asked but got no reply.

    I suspect I am the next one to be tossed out like so much filthy, discardable, worthless, garbage refuse.

  8. I've been banned a couple of times. That thread against you Wags was hillarious, though of course none of it was believable. There was some real anger in your posts.

    You must have really upset Maverick. Even though you dislike Mav, I'm sorry to hear he's gone; maybe his ban will be short-lived.
  9. Rowenwood, I don't believe that there was any "anger" as you say in any posts previous to the "over the top" outburst by this kid named maverick last night. I simply posted several of maverick's PM's to me for public consumption, and did so without any commentary just to show how insecure and highly egotistical this kid is. I never asked for him to PM me, basically had him on "Ignore" and thus he should have not been surprised to see his PM's publicized.

    For some reason, it took awhile for the power's that be at ET to remove this absurdly insecure attack on me, and I followed up with a few posts inviting this "kid" to come out to San Francisco so that we could have a little "chat". End of story.

    What in fact "precipitated" such an attack on me is beyond me . . . All I did was state that my personal life, my family life is not for public consumption, nor is it appropriate to be discussed on a message board for Christ's sake. But for such small-minded people as maverick, ET is their life and they have no dignity, perspective, or morals as to what is deemed to be appropriate behavior or not.

    I am rather puzzled that someone can so vehemently attack anyone that happens to disagree with the current administrations foreign policy regarding the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism. It's as if someone that disagrees with the latter is in fact personally attacking this kid which as we all know is ludicrous, especially on an anonymous message board for Christ's sake!

    In the end, I don't believe that ET is the kind of place that endorses the kind of malicious, egotistical, small-minded, arrogant, slanderous and personal "attack" that was displayed by maverick last night. Moreover, it didn't take a rocket-scientist to see that this kid would be held accountable for his "outburst" last night and be banned from ET.
  10. Exactly what is it that you're implying? Who can't even get laid by me? And if you're so poor then why on earth would I want to learn to trade from you? Not to be mean (like you were) but if you were a decent enough trader, you wouldn't be poor would you.

    And Drama Queen or not, I'm fairly selective in choosing whose faces to sit on....
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