Am i getting the best deal out there

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  1. hello i recently moves to this group great firm and platform im getting .002 when i do 2 million a month in volume and if i fall to 1.5 mil a month its .0025 and 100 percent payout can i do better then that or maybe im just being greedy
  2. Sounds good but don’t just focus on rates because a platform is important too.
  3. yes i do get all the rebates ecns and no platform monthly fee and it is a great software seems like i cant find a better deal out here guess this firm is a keeper
  4. does that apply to NYSE and lower volume too?
  5. it includes listed stocks the deal does vary on your volume im sure whats your monthly volume i was only saying what deal i have with my current monthly volume
  6. well from what i see from the private messeges im getting i have a pretty good dam deal :) thanks guys cant wait to trade on monday i hate weekends
  7. it might not include. i think h-dot is like 1/10 more but i could be wrong.
  8. i think you have an unheard of deal.
    one catch might be the buy power, how much leverage do you get?
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    Yes, rates are one thing, but how much leverage you get and how much capital you have to put up can be big factors as well.

    Can you hold overnight positions? What do you pay for haircut? Do they hold your money for a year?
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    are you trading only listed nyse or both nyse and nasdaq??
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