Am I Getting Scammed

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by hummer77, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. hummer77


    just looking to get this post answered cause i had the same question as this post.... anyone can help, it is much appreciated

    I interviewed w/ Hold Bros. in their Jersey City office and they said they were interested in hiring me. I walked into the interview w/ my 7 and 66 already so I figured that was a good thing. I did a search on Hold Brothers on here but it seems like someone asks a question about the firm and then someone makes a statement about something and people get all off track about commenting on the original post!

    Could someone tell me:

    1. Reputation/their opinion on the company

    2. What are the normal rates/deals that they give a trader w/ no experience and no capital (I'm fully aware its not going to be a very good one but still)

    3. Positive/negative experiences w/ the company

    4. Their training methods
  2. jessy1


    trading for many years. left hold and was willing to give up a lot of money just to walk away , if you wish I can help you out. contact me at . i m currently with a very reputable firm and have a team of 30 guys that I manage .been trading for many years.