Am I doing something wrong? Making money can't be this easy...

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  1. Hey guys,

    Novice trader here. I am using OEC's demo platfrom and trading the ES mini in demo account. All im doing is finding trends (which are very easy to see) and just riding them for about an hour to two hours at a time for 1 contract (so that I simulate what im planning starting with when I go live). Anyhow, i'm making $200-$300/ Also, trading one contract only requires $2500. I have my limits/stops set-up.

    It can't be this easy. What am I missing? Is there something very different when you go live that demo accounts don't give you? This is not meant as some cocky thread. I am really confused/concerned so that when I go live, I don't blow up in 15 minutes with my $5,000 account.

    Thanks in advance for the help guys...
  2. Execution is very different, you don't get filled that easily, unless you take liquidity.

    Psychology is different. You have nothing to lose on a demo. You lose $300, big deal. What happens if you open your live account, and you're down $500 your first day. You get skiddish and dig a deeper hole.

    Be realistic with your demo trading. Make sure you are profitable across weeks rather than days.
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    post a screenshot of todays demo executions.
    How big are your stops?
    Despite what people say about demo being entirely different, in my experience, unless you are trying to scalp for a tick here and a tick there, then the emotions are the only real difference between demo and live.
    The Ninjatrader demo takes into account the bid/ask size, last trade, time and order delay to determine fill probability which makes it even more realistic
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    I suggest you give up and save money.

    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!!

  5. Good point. Definitely nerves will be an issue. Even with the demo account, I lost $385 the first day and i felt defeated, but then I started to really study the trends, and tried to ride them. I will definitely have to get my nerves under control when going live. I almost feel that its smarter to read the trend, setup your limits/stops and let it ride till everything hits (which it does about 86.7% of the time for me in DEMO). Now, the question is, how much do the fills really adversely effect you when you go live? What is the time/price variance in getting your fills when you go live. Obviously, the fills go right away in demo mode.
  6. Basically, if you place a limit order at the bid, which has say, 1000 orders already sitting out there. You are now last in line. You don't get executed until 1001 contracts are hit.

    In demo, you get filled much quicker.
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    Tman/trend man
    a]Long story short;
    read my ES comments made today [see ''search ''top page]

    z]I have several medical books[DR Cherry...] in my library;
    enjoy reading them, wonder if making money as a DR is easy???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[you may assume gov grab of health care is unconstitutional]

    Bottom line ''finding trends'' is very important;
    but perhaps 5% of it, not that real time is anything like a demo, or papertrading, which actually is somewhat helpful.
  9. is there any way to replicate real time? ninjatrader? what else?

    also, if the fill are set up on priority basis, then can't I just put in a bid that has very few bids? There has to be a way to efficiently get filled right?
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    in regards to EMG, cant you find another way to tell people trading is difficult? it is getting very monotonous reading " 90% lose, they just lose".
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