Am I Diversified?

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  1. Greetings All Elite Traders and you pikers too!

    As some of you know I blog relentlessly on the NY Giants in season, so I am not as much a presence here at ET as I would like to be. Life however has it's priorities and The Euro bedammed, football is much more important now. Well, a couple bad losses in a row and suddenly I have some time to think about investments.

    I have been busy of course and I have made changes to the ET Portfolio so many that I'm not even sure where we stand. I thought I would just show you most everything- my complete account minus some ideas that the Hedge Fund gave me, I don't feel comfortable releasing those because some folks pay 2 & 20 for them I get them just as a managed account. This way I can highlight the original ET ideas bought here and somehow held on to. The %'s refer to position size in my account. "Down" means of course I'm down... my guy sent me this list to encourage end of year selling. Please remember that the market has been brutal so yes some of our early picks that I have held for a long time are down. Quite a few are UP though!

    As you can see I've become twisted and all over the place and need to reduce into some core holdings. Am I diversified Jim Crammer?

    AMZN 1.6%
    AUXL 2.9% ET Stock
    AVGO 2.0% ET Stock
    CBS 1.7%
    CERN 1.8%
    CHK 1.0%
    CHKP 1.8%
    CNX 1.7%
    CTXS 3.0%
    CVS 1.9%
    DFS 2.4%
    EXPD 1.8% ET Stock
    GILD 2.0% ET Stock
    GS 0.8%
    ICON 1.7% ET Stock
    IMMR 1.7% --- down ET Stock
    IPGP 1.6% --- down ET Stock
    KEYN 2.4% ET Stock
    KSS 0.9% ET Stock
    MRGE 1.7% ET Stock
    NOV 2.4%
    NUS 2.4%
    NXPI 1.7% --- down ET Stock
    QCOM 1.8%
    RPM 3.1% ET Stock
    SNY 1.2%
    SPW 1.0%
    SWN 1.7%
    TSCO 2.1%
    UA 1.3% ET Stock
    UNIS 1.4% --- down Et Stock
    WFT 2.0%
    WPC 3.9% ET Stock

    MHGC 1.7% --- new
    STMP 1.7% --- new

    Alright, as you can see my new picks are STMP & MHGC as well as NUS & GS all bought within the past week or so. If I were you I'd buy these 4 stocks heading into Christmas. I will fill in some research on these names as I can. If the Giants beat Green Bay and I think they won't hear from me for a while.

    If things don't go the right way, I'll be at my desk and at your beckon call again. I have lots of stories to tell including how hard it is to get a refinance done! ~stoney
  2. What Up!

    What a painful loss for the Giants and the stonedinvestor who attended his one game of the year with his son. If you didn't see the game the Giants were playing against not only the Packers but the referees as well-- a total sham by Tripplete.

    Enough of that, I've been complaining for days on another board, won't change anything-- kind of like this market.

    I think I isolated a nice trade today.

    We are adding Johnson Controls to the ET Portfolio!
    We like the end markets here very much, housing is at a bottom and car parts looks like one of the best places to be for 2012.

    As well we have been monitoring the stk on a technical basis and find it appealing.
    By buying today we secure the 2.2% dividend payable early Jan. Today is the last day... so a happy pause day for the market allows us to execute this trade.

    BUY JCI.

    Lets Get A Small Watch List Going- ~stoney
    (a) STMP
    (b) ONXX
    (c) LIFE
    (d) CHTP
  3. Go ALL IN one of them and then lever it a bunch. Stop being scared
  4. petrobras you are talking to one of the great private investors here, your advice of
    Don't Be Scared rings like the sacred call of the uniformed but alas it is also true. I am never scared just stoned but I am hyper aware of being in different moods in relation to the market and I use these often contrary indicators to my advantage.
    Perhaps take a day and read my old posts before we talk again.

    Good Morning All.

    Watching yesterdays watch list allowed us to daytrade a bit with SODA. It had a nice $2 move starting around noon. It seems the hottest of the watch. Earlier this week they had a conference call in which the stk had a big tug of war. The Bulls appear to be winning so I have asked my guys to check the Bloomberg and see if they can get me any post conference call chatter.

    The Market is at a crossroads here, if it decides to break higher then we will want to be in SODA.

    There is a ST trade developing in Titan Int. A boatload of $22.50 calls that expire worthless in 7 days... gets one of those idiot brothers to salivate about it on CNBC goosing a friend or his own position TWI moved 3%. Overnight it pushed higher another 5%... for a 3 day or so trade TWI looks promising @ $20.00 still under the call price.

    Longer term I like the chart set up in LIFE. We have a strong triple bottom in place @$36.00 and lots of room on the upside. LIFE @$39 is tempting.

    Regarding STMP- I'm watching to see how any slowdown in USPS would effect contracts with NETFLIX etc... and how that in turn could effect STMP's operations.

    Yesterday You entered JCI with me at $31.70. The reason why we tried this dividend capture is because it coincides with major market possibilities; if we rally from here boom goes the stk everyone forgets they paid out 2.2%!
    Looks like $32.83 open, so up a buck already & heading North with a dividend coming in early Jan. THAT folks is stonedinvesting! ~si

  5. NEW YORK (OptionMonster) -- The bulls are betting that Titan International (TWI_)is ready to run.

    OptionMonster's real-time systems detected the purchase of about 4,500 December 22.50 calls Wednesday, most of which priced for 70 cents. Volume was more than twice open interest in the strike.

    These long calls lock in an entry price on the stock, which gives them the ability to move considerably more than the share price if Titan rallies. If it fails to move in the next seven sessions, however, the calls will expire worthless.

    Titan's stock climbed after the options were bought Wednesday and closed at $22.09, up 3.76% on the session. The company, which makes tires for tractors and mining equipment, has beaten estimates for at least three straight quarters and announced price increases in July.

    Short interest stood at 29% of the float in mid-November, which could potentially squeeze the shares higher. The stock tripled from August 2010 to April of this year and has been consolidating since then.

    Overall option volume was 22 times greater than average Wednesday. Calls accounted for 95% of the activity, a reflection of the bullish sentiment.
  6. Small update on UA- I like this name to sprint to $100 by Christmas time!

    I have to check our CostBasis because we have bought this name a few times trying to build a position. Best guess is we haven't gotten anywhere yet...

    Some new Inst buying:

    # WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT CO LLP: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, holds 1,318,280 shares, worth $101,916,227 now.
    # PARTNER FUND MANAGEMENT, L.P.: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, holds 229,141 shares, worth $17,714,891 now.
    # IMPALA ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC: On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 09/30/2011, holds 179,800 shares, worth $13,900,338 now.
    # ELITE TRADER PORTFOLIO On 06/30/2011, held 0 shares. On 9/30/2011
    holds between 300 and 500 shares....

    Don't like doing that....

    LIFE would be the safer play.... but who doesn't want some bad tasting SODA for Christmas made at home?............:eek:
  8. Wild Swings in pre.
    80 points just evaporated.

    Each headline from Europe is controlling the action.
    Tone now negative.

    I am just so sick of Europe. They saw what happened here, they had time to re capitalize none of this had to happen every single day Europe this Europe that- what are they 15% of our exports? I know it's the banks, the evil banks and the way they are linked... everything is so linked because of these damn computers and the Soverign debt what a lark... isn't this how every city in America gets by... Borrowing.

    All the while and the real problem in America is pensions.

    Well getting the right price shouldn't be a problem, my instinct for some reason is with this STMP. This is a fast growing company, one foot in tech to be sure but I think it can advance while tech lags. ~stoney
  9. So far just bought 2000 KTOS.

    ALERT* Adding Kratos Defense? to the ET Porffolio! @ $6.07

    I'm, not even sure how I got here which is a problem. I did take a " break " to loosen the thinking up. I like big vol spikes. Sometimes they pan out later. We have just such a huge spike in a unknown defense name KTOS. This guy Jim Mundenhear or something writes for SA and sometimes I read his Barchart nonsense, any way this KTOS he had a buy on at $14 and it's $6 but now the volume spike is now 4 mil shares and it does seem to be a interesting secret company helping the gov in the security area.. a small Co with a large amount of insider buying fairly recently, healthy Insider buying up to $5.60... now a huge contract a huge vol spike and a stk at $6.... with a shelf above MUCHO higher.....

    Ok.... One down.

    Next.... SODA / LIFE or TWI.... STMP....

    I'm going to go back to the Verizon store. I bought my first cell phone ever! Yea at 47 what a hoot. Can't make the thing work of course, got this HTC Rzor beats thing because If I'm going to listen to music i want it digital quality not compressed...but I can't download anything because of my cryptic old computers at home with passwords I've long forgotten to my airport... anyway I need these guys to download Madden NFL 12 asap or my kid's going to have a mental drop out... he's home sick today... ~stoney
  10. Alright here we go.....

    Bought 500 Titan TWI @$22.10 Hope to be out of this by tues or wed next week!

    Bought 500 STMP @$25.65

    Bought 500 SODA @ $36.00

    Alright there you have it, a bunch of ideas in this thread.... Now all we need is to wake up next week and realize we care more about Christmas and 15% US companies earn growth than the euro and the trash. ~stoney
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