Am I correct in saying that ET

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  1. Traffic has all but collapsed.
    Seems like all the talk on the site is 5 retards on either side of the political aisle flinging shit at each other on P and R. And not much trade talk. I wonder if Baron got his sale price.
  2. Loose moderating ran away all the traders of old. They are all at another site.
  3. and what site is that
  4. I wonder if it is loose moderating.
    My thinkin is that it more a function of decreased market participation
    The markets have been eviscerated.
    Isn't that the main reason why?

    Anyone have any stats on posting numbers, new thread starts, visits to ET from 2008-2013?
    Would be interesting to see.

    My guess is that it's dried up and the business has slowed dramatically but I could be wrong.
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    The traffic to most Vbulletin boards has been declining ever since Web 2.0. A good way to increase traffic is to put share buttons on it and allow one-click registration via facebook.
  6. Glad to see you're keeping the nit-wit aura alive. The problem with the traffic here is that the market of interested customers (pikers) has been decimated by the Market. Blaming the Mods is like an old Super Model blaming the mirror for the wrinkles.

    Ford Agency Rennick out:cool:
  7. Blaming the Mods is like an old Super Model blaming the mirror for the wrinkles.

  8. Haha. Yes the pikers have been pounded but then again they always get pounded. I think this time so many were ripped off: MFG, PFG and god knows who else.
    Plus the markets suck now. They are just a big flashing turd. Some people blame the Fed, HFT, whatever.
  9. Twitter has provided a quicker way to communicate with other traders, plus this forum is very dated. Add in the lunatics around here and it's easy to see why there's not much substance around here anymore. You can get much more use watching the $ES_F stream 1 day then spending 1 month searching around this place for something that might be of a little value.
  10. Loose bowels is more like it.

    Once I left, that was the end.
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