am I a successful trader or a loser?

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  1. I want to ask for your advice and opinion.

    I started to trade with an equity 10k at 09/21/06. With the deposits and withdrawals I have invested about 50k in my account for the last 10 months.

    Now I have a total equity 56k.
    The compound annual rate is 22,41%, the maximum drawdown is 3%, so MAR = 7,4. It sounds good.

    But I'm not satisfied with the growth. I think I could make more money.

    I never ever risk more in one trade then 1% of my starting capital(50k*0,01=500$) + 4% of the market money(now 6k*0,04=240$), together 740$.

    Should I be happy with this, or take more risk to reach bigger success?

    am I right or am I wrong?


  2. Most people blow out in 6 months so you are doing better than them. What more do you want a pat on the head and gold star well you got em too.
  3. great start, great numbers. You can see how hard it is to make a living with a small account. Keep at it.
  4. Of course you could make more money, but you would likely have to take higher systematic risks in order to achieve higher gains. Your numbers look very sound. If you can keep compounding at this rate for 10 years you will make a lot of money.

    This business is not about making huge % returns over night, but staying in the game, minimizing risk and compounding positive returns.
  5. At least you didn't spell it looser so you are ahead of 57% of ETers.
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  9. You could probably risk 1.5% safely.
  10. Remember, out of all the people on this forum, roughly 5-10% are actually consistently profitable. It's seems simple to me to click the check spelling tab, but as you can see, not many use it, LOL
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