ALXN Shakeout

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by patch227, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. patch227


    Gotta love these guys

    ALXN 12/07 13.20

  2. leverage


    What are you talking about? You think it's going to trade at 13.20?

    if you are talking about ticker: ALXN
    I say its stuck more in a trading range for now, with a bias heading lower, albeit slowly.
  3. patch227


    Nasdaq ticker ALXN (Alexion Phama)

    Title of post Shakeout

    Look at the symbol on a daily chart

    Good short setup? Yes

    Look at the symbol on a 15 minute chart

    See the base on 12/7/05 starting at 10:45
    See the bar at 1:15 (actually 1:20 [13:20] "time not price" on 5 min chart )

    This is a shakeout bar which took out all the stops and probably shook a lot of people out of their short position even from the day before.

    See what happened next? Straight down

    THAT is what I am stalking about

    Down 40% in 12 days, some range