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  1. I need a little help in taking the next step.

    I have reached a point that I truly believe the only thing holding me back is my need to win all the time. It doesn't matter if I am trading my live account of my demo account I somehow feel the need to always win (in this case against the FX market but this extends to just about all areas of my life).

    I am an ultra cmpetitive person that hates to lose and is used to being damn near the best at everything I have attempted until now. How have some of ya'll made the leap.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Redefine winning.
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    Accept the fact that losing is part of winning.

    This is the same as other sports such as baseball. Players hate striking out but if they can consistently get 4 hits out of 10 at bats, they are way ahead of the game.
  4. you cant escape death.
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    Holding you back from what? Always winning? If that is the case trading is not for you.

    Nothing in my own experience nor in anything I have read has ever indicated that every trade they or a system made was always a winner. Even those ridiculous ads where you "can make tons of money" show losers in their trades. I define winning as coming out ahead year after year, not day after day. Define what you mean by winning and ask your question again.
  6. Burtakus,

    I believe the only way to overcome this "limitation" is through repetition. I used to feel much the same way, but after a few thousand trades, I really don't care about the individual trades anymore.

    It may be worthwhile listening to Anthony Robbins and some of his techniques for reprogramming yourself. I found that valuable.
  7. Hello:
    Frankly I think if you are not wiinning most all the time, you aren't really competitive. In any business you can name, competitive people find a way to win almost all the time. From my point of view, your not competitive until you find a way to win most all the time. Until you do, basically you've failed.

    I think you should think about his every waking hour and all night. While you are walking to the post office. When you are in your car. While you are taking a pee. When you are brushing your teeth. While you are eating dinner. "How can I win all the time?" Somewhere out there, is your answer. You just haven't found it yet. Until you find it, you haven't amounted to much.

    I extend this to everything I do. At the automated teller, if there is an old lady ahead of me in line, well I just push the old bag out of the way. If there is someone in front of me at the liquor store I mention that I saw someone trying to break into their car in the parking lot. You have to be inventive. I don't stop at red lights. I don't open doors for ladies. I don't wait my turn. Remember, if you're not winning, you're losing.

  8. So do the markets. :confused:
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    You need to read

    Trading in the Zone
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    some one after my own heart!!!

    i totally agree. lefty. you are the jelly in the jelly roll of life my friend.

    you have to be ahead of EVERYONE else and fuck them over before they fuck you over.

    only today i was in a store picking up some groceries. there was only 1 pack of twinkies left and this 13 year old dude just grabbed them before me. i couldnt handle it. i wasnt gunna let some punk do that to ME. no way. so i smashed him one and kicked him in the nuts. his old man looked petrified. i dont blame him. i went to the kitchen utilities section and picked up a knife and stabbed the bastard before he could tell the manager. NO WAY woz i gunna let him get one over on me and get me banned from the store.

    you see. i won. i got the twinkies and didnt get banned from the store.

    life is sweet when youre a winner.

    remember other people (and their orders) are there to be fucked with. life is a zero sum game at the eod.

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