Always turn on the computer first when you get up. . .

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by eagle488, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I learned this lesson the hard way in the morning. There was an update made automatically the night before and the update could only finish when the computer was rebooted.

    I woke up and went about my business and then turned on my computer. The computer went into a diskcheck mode and took about an hour. At 9:15 it was finally done, but the update messed with the drivers for my two lcd flat screens and so only 1 flat was working. I was forced to trade on one single flat screen. Very difficult. (In the future, I plan on buying a 32 inch Viewsonic in addition to my two flats).

    The lesson learned here is to always turn on your computer first thing when you wake up so if there are any problems you find out earlier on.

    As I make more cash and upgrade, I plan on getting a backup.

    As silly as this post sounds, it may just help someone here one day. . .
  2. updates suck, turn them off and do them manually on the weekends.... :D

  3. Well, there's nothing silly about configuring your business / trading tools optimally. If you turn on Automatic Updates on your trading computer(s), you're asking for trouble.

    Instead, go to Control Panel - Automatic Updates and pick one of the middle 2 options:


    This lets you 1) update on your schedule and terms -- not some "newly"-discovered-vulnerabilities-management corporate team's -- yet without forgetting and falling behind; and 2) choose which updates you want to download and install. Use Custom Install, rather than Express.

    Also, there's typically nothing so urgent about a diskcheck mode that can't wait until, say, the end of the day. Interrupt it and move on.