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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by profitseer, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. Here's one for the big mover. It is suitable for someone who has a pension from their job they had in real life, but still must rely on trading profits to pay their country club membership dues.

    I haven't optimized it, this is just a sample for us little guys to ponder.

    ES 1 min chart


    go long when low channel breaks up
    flip and reverse when high channel breaks down
    no stops, always in (RTH)

    How's it test out?
  2. ALICE


    Anyone else looking at this? Is this a serious proposition? I can't tell anymore:confused:
  3. In the order of simplicity, it is genuine.

    But for my pea-brain profitseer, woul you please explain the terminology a bit further? Specifically, the terms channel high and low. Thanks!

  4. You set up an N channel, you know, it's like a donchian channel.
    In the example I use 1 min chart and 23 period channels.

    When the lower channel moves up you go long and stay long until the upper channel breaks down, then you go short and stay short until the lower channel moves up. etc ad infinitum or nauseum whichever comes first.

    The premise is, if the market can't make a new low in 23 minutes buy it and stay long until it can't make a new high in 23 minutes then go short.
  5. Don't you need something else to help confirm this? Seems like you'd get whipped around during choppy trading or periods when price ranges were narrowing into a pennant formation.
  6. Why 23 ?
  7. no real reason. I was running some bb at 23/2 and decided to compare n channels to bb. So I just used the same 23 setting for the channels.

    In real life you're talking about sitting there for 23 minutes while the mkt may be eating you up. How much more can you stand?
  8. profitseer, if you had something like wealthlab or tradestation you could test all these crazy ideas out yourself and tell us what happens. but for now i hope one of the resident testing experts here will come thru.
  9. Big loser today. About 8 points. But I took 2 entries for my usual quick scalp and came out ok.

    I'm seeing something I like. Maybe it's the signal away from the market. Need to go back to TA. Not much of a strategy at this point.