always long or short 1 emini

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by esu2, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. esu2


    I would like to start a discussion on
    good indicators and methodologies to use
    if you are always long or short 1 emini
    during the trading day and close flat at 3:15 est.

    I would like to keep the daily number trades below 10
    for commission purposes.

    Some indicators that I have in mind are MACD
    and moving averages.

  2. The fewer trades you want the longer the settings will need to be. Try MACD 19-39-9 for nice smooth curves.
  3. Esep, I experimented with exactly this system.

    Most of my winners were followed by losses, but not enough losses were followed by winners.

    When you think about it, set up your chart to a line chart, and you will probably see very few V bottoms or V tops that give legs to strong trends, and that's what you need to make this system profitable. Most reversals go through a chop before taking off the other way.

    In it's final stage, I exited at the mkt and reversed by buying the bid or selling the ask, but that still was not enough to overcome comm. And even though you say 10 trades per day (my goal was 7 per session, 1 session in the am and one in the pm) you can put together 25 r/ts in a heartbeat.

    Some of the problems are pshycological, like trying to ride a winner to long to make up for the losses on one big trade. Also, you can go into a meltdown if you don't watch it.

    Crossovers have their day, and they also have some horror stories. I wouldn't want to be the one to say the idea is not good, it has it's good points, I talked about it on the strategy forum on a thread called Always In or something. Good Luck.