Always In the Market

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Jack Nestle, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Over the past years I have created several automated systems which I trade with.

    Until recently I had never had any success with anything that flip-flopped between long and short. Just curious if any other automated trading developers have had success with this.

    I had never been able to code around the "chop" but the current system seems to pretty much break even or take small losses waiting for the next move.

    To clarify, These are daytrading systems, entering at market open and exiting at market close
  2. If you're talking about a simple:

    Trend is up then Buy. Trend is down then Sell.

    ...kind of system.

    Expect to find some curve-fitted parameters. There are ways to go around them but it's beyond the scope of tech. analysis based systems...

    Generally, it depends on the type of system you have.

    So my general answer is NO.
  3. I am currently backtesting the system but it has not had a losing day on the Dow in over three weeks.

    Will see after further testing on other markets.