Alvin Greene, stupidest nominee ever compliments of the Democrats.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Hello


    Here is video evidence of another ultra intelligent Liberal nominee. This guy can't even put a coherent sentence together. Democrats have responded to this embarassment by saying he is a plant by the republicans.

    I wonder how Jim Clyburn feels knowing he just lost to a functional retard.

    Thanks for giving away another senate seat dems!

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  2. cstfx


    you can't give away something you don't have in the first place

    nor was Clyburn running for the Senate
  3. Hello


    You can concede before there is even an election which is essentially what the dems did by nominating this fool.

  4. Hello


    Yeah i screwed up i meant to say vic rawl, clyburn was the one who made the accusations of him being a plant.
  5. cstfx


    I'm just saying it is/was DeMint's to lose, not the Dems to give way. Seat count doesn't change by having a him or Rawl running for the Senate seat in South Carolina. So I would not consider this a loss for the Dems but more like a wild shot.
  6. That was the most intelligent man I 've ever seen from South Carolina. So well spoken and articulate.

  7. Hello


    Jim Demint would have won the seat regardless of who won for the dems, so it is not really a big deal, but its nice knowing there is absolutely nothing the right could possibly do to screw this seat up.
  8. I just saw this Guy on Olberman. What the hell is going on in SC? How the hell did he come up with 10k to enter? What a riot, something about Alvin... I think he may give them a contest!! Who cares if they found him on skid row:p
  9. 377OHMS


    Somebody is paying him. Both sides do this in some states.

    They just register some losers hoping the other camp won't vet them properly. They didn't expect him to win. That part is due likely to the placement of his name on the ballot at the top of the list.

    It is hilarious though, I mean, what are they going to do now?
  10. Hello


    Instant classic starting at 1:32 when keith olbermann asks:

    "How do you think the people who voted for you on tuesday even knew who you were or knew you were running"

    After stuttering for a bit about his campaign and saying well it must have just been word of mouth, Alvin Greene gets indignant with Olbermann and busts out, "it couldnt have been luck i had 60% of the vote...." and then proceeds to stutter through the rest of the interview with absolutely no clue what the fuck is going on... LOL

    Imagine if this guy pulls it off, and actually gets elected, i dont even think he knows what exactly it is he is running for, its going to be fun watching this train wreck in the coming weeks.

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