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    Interesting thing I heard today...James Altucher doesn't even trade systems...Not saying they don't work...just thought it was interesting as he wrote a book on them--

  2. He's on ET occasionally and trades for a fund of another ET participant.
  3. The majority who write about trading, are just that...writers. And most often they know jack shit.
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    He runs a fund of funds.
  5. I bought his book trade like a hedge fund, I only tried one system or so, but look at them all, the return is less than what youd get out of an index, no one he runs a funds of funds.
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    So far, I am less than impressed with the canned Wealth Lab strategies that he "uses" in his book.
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    His book gave me some good ideas which I turned into systems. Well worth the $25.

  9. One can go to Wealth Lab (the old, still free, pre-Fidelity version) and test many of his systems. Most did well in the volatile years of 1999-2002, but many have broken down, and some trade much less frequently to the point that I have to question their statistical validity (not enough recent trades, iow).
  10. I thought Altucher does trade in addition to running a fund of funds.

    Reg D stuff I thought?
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