Altruism, babies, and trading.

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  1. Studies done on babies indicate natural presence of altruism

    Nature made sure cooperation is in genes so that species is more successful

    But our way of life kills altruism and replaces it with selfishness in all aspects

    I think people overall are predatory creatures now. Those that are not willing to kill themselves are perfectly content to watch someone else do the killing in name of whatever government calls for.

    Freedom or safety or patriotism

    I see this in people like my father, and I see this on ET all the time with people like BSAM or Ivanovich and countless others

    Ultimately people deserve their Bush and wars and completely fucked economy and they deserve their Obama and more power to The FED.

    People deserve lies upon lies from their government because people are shit too.

    People are not victims. Victims are innocent. People are not innocent, people are shit.
  2. You know how when something bad happens and no one goes to jail.

    The reason people don't organize to put those in jail (for example timothy geithner) is because they feel guilt too.

    How can you put a scum in jail when deep down you know you are scum too. :)
  3. if you had any kids you would know that babies are extremely manipulative.
  4. Inquiring minds ask:

    Do babies manipulate with their first breath?
  5. No, I'm not telling you my trading system.
  6. LOL everyone here and I do mean everyone, has a trading system

    the question is, is it worth jack :p
  7. so are you saying we are predatory little creatures through and through ?

    In your mind that makes all this shit ok I suppose. Never ending wars and bankruptcy. That's some fuked up logic there. :cool:
  8. yes, they are programmed to cry in such a way as to force adults to sympathize with them.
  9. And being such a rational person you don't allow yourself to be manipulated like that

    You tell that baby, Ah put a cork in it and shut up.

    If only you knew how to do that when Bush called for wars that never end. :cool:
  10. would you say dogs are altruistic? would you try to hug one if you found it freezing to death?
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