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  1. DuyLe


    Has anyone heard of this company? They have a live training course and trading floor in los angeles and sf, i was thinking about enrolling, and would like some feed back from anyone who has had any experience with them...

  2. How much capital do you have for trading?
  3. I went to an Altrion open house. They require NO risk deposit. However, they do charge $1500 for training.

    They manage their risk by restricting your daily losses (I suppose the training covers them as well). If I remember correctly, they start you off by cutting you off for they day if you are down something like $25-$40.

    They say this forces you to become better.

    However, I believe they said that they teach you their own strategy, involving low volatility stocks, like citigroup.

    The office in LA (santa monica) is nice I'll admit, great view, there is a sea breeze. 7th floor.

    They charge no commission and the P&L is like 60-75% to the trader or something.

    That is all I remember, I didn't pick them because of all the firms I've spoken to, they were the most difficult to get ahold of, even after the open house.

    One of the great benefits of being a trader, is that you get to avoid all the BS that comes with management. Not a good sign, don't want to pay $1500 if that is the type of treatment I would get afterwards....


    Good Luck, it was a pain in the a$$ for me to find a firm I liked, but now I couldn't be happier.
    Knowing what I know now, if you have never DAY TRADED equities before, you definitely do not want to start remote, and you definitely want to go somewhere with a good training program.
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    Where did you go (which firm)?
    I'm in LA and having trouble to find a firm that would seem worth trying out.
  5. nf22


    I'm thinking about doing the training in sf for october. I'm a new trader, does anyone have any experience in altrions trainging?
    Any input would help. I'm also looking for other prop firms to apply to, any suggestions?
    I appreciate any help thanks
  6. DuyLe


    I am thinking about doing th October session as well. Gonna check out open house on sept 28th
  7. nf22


    yea i was thinking the same thing. Is it just a drop in for the open house? i havent been able to get hold of anyone in the last few days so i wanted to know if there is a sign up or just drop in.
  8. DuyLe


    I think it's a drop in. I think there's an ad on craigslist. I talked to the manager. It's bes to call him after market around 1:15. You have any experience trading? Or anyhing similar like playing poker?
  9. nf22


    yea i was able to finally get a hold of him too. no experience prop trading but ive worked for a few traders and hold my series 7 even though i know that doesnt help much with day trading except maybe with options. I want to make sure that they have a solid training program.
    Do you have any experience trading?
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    Anyone go to it? How was the open house?
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