Altitude headache

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    I recently spent two weeks outside of Denver CO at about 5,000ft. I live on the east coast at about 265ft. Not a major problem. I drank more water than usual, and popped the occasional aspirin from time to time.

    I decided to drive from 5,000 feet to the peak of the Rocky Mountain National Forest at 14,000ft in 22miles. I was feeling fine at 5,000 feet, and even running 5 miles/day. BUT, at around 10,000ft I started getting a headache, and at the top I was feeling it pretty good. This ever happen to any of you? Airplanes don't get me, but this change in altitude did.

    Here's a few signs that I would sugest anyone traveling into Estes Park Rocky Mountain Nat Forest at the peaks should pay attention to now-Summer.:eek: Plus bring some aspirin. Lol!:D
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    Close to the peak. MANY bears here! Most guys who are smart pack a .44magnum, or 500 S&W magnum if they hit the trails at 14,000ft.:eek:
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    Gotta say, it was peaceful up here despite the headache, and 25 degree drop in temp.

    Last thing I'll add for mountain climbers, hunters, hikers, etc., is bear spray-pepper spray-is worthless this high up! The winds in these mountains change every nano-second, and you'd be lucky to hit a bear in the face with that cannister of spray before being eaten. I'll stick with the 500 S&W Mag vs. guess the wind.:D
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    I start feeling like crap as soon as I land at Denver International. I have no love for Denver and am sure I would hate life at 14000 ft.
  5. take DIAMOX, that's the altitude sickness pill. when i went to the himalayas we were popping it like crazy
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    Altitude sickness can get anyone if they are not accustomed , specially those who have medical conditions, it's the rapid change. It's best to spend a few days at lower levels when you first arrive, before trying any of the summits in the area.

    I've been across Monarch pass, and driven to the top and well as via the cog train to the top of Pikes Peak, (Colorado Springs area ) several times each. One time driving to the summit of PP and back down, got a good case of altitude sickness, felt like shit the following day.

    Took the kids to the top once, July 4th, and ran into a snow storm, LOL!

    To note; most airplanes are pressurized at that height.
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    I know the feeling. On the subway car, I always wonder if my bag made it to the carousel as well.:( :eek:
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    It's amazing a glaucoma drug works so well for altitude sickness. I wanted to stay "natural" and just drink water, but gotta admit, the headaches were wicked as I got out at the peak to throw snowballs in the summer.
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    It's wild when you go from 79-80 degrees to the low 40's in a matter of 20 miles! (pic attached) It's not so much fun when the headache hits.

    At these altitudes, I can imagine what a person with heart disease, high bp, etc., feel... Hemoglobin increase makes the blood thick, and the heart work hard.