Alternatives to Wealth-lab?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bilgbay, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. bilgbay


    I am currently a Wealth-lab 4 user, but I cannot upgrade because I am located in the U.S. I do not have any interest in opening/funding a Fidelity trading account so I am looking for alternatives.

    Any suggestions? Open-source?
  2. jceh


    Amibroker, NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Multichart, MetaTrader5 ? :)

    I did not use them, sorry to give no experience about backtesting capabilities and comparison...
  3. mark1

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    Wealth-Lab was known in the community especially for its backtesting capabilities. Portfolio back test etc.
    Now you can find pretty much the same features in Amibroker. Download a trial and take a look at the AutoAnalysis window (warning , this gem of a software takes time to learn and use it at its max potential)

    I still use W-Lab v 4 sometimes because I have many old scripts and I don't have time/will to convert them to another language. I created an Ascii data source and use that.
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