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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by OldStyle, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Does anyone know if there are other futures trading platforms that have the ability to program "hot Keys".

    Have used gr8 and hammer stock platforms.. I love that these platforms have the option to use/ program hot keys as opposed to pointing and clicking.

    It just amazes me that TT spends their efforts in patent infringment litigation instead of improving their product. (I am aware that TT does have some pre-programmed hot keys that you can use as an alternative to pointing and clicking, but can't customize..must use the hot keys that they have set up)

    If anyone has some suggestions, I'm sure many TT users would be appreciative.
  2. mokwit


    IB TWS and Buttontrader (3rd party TWS front end). I have hotkeys set up on a separate keypad. Agree, keyboard driven is infinitely preferable for some things.
  3. You can program Strategy Runner with Hot keys
    and even connect it to a game pad (to fire up any kind of order)
  4. I use ButtonTrader, and it works quite well for me. It is not good as a scalping platform, but for everything else, I have no complaints. I have found the customer service to be exceptional.

    Good luck

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    Welcome back!
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    Hopefully someone who's had experience customizing a keypad for TT can answer my fellow beer, Old Style.
  7. Thanks Pabst:

    I want to offer a correction to my previous comment. After my post, the good folks at Buttontrader pointed out that a simple change in the strategy editor could make ButtonTrader good for scalping as well. I have been trying it out on the simulator this evening, and it does work very well. Problem fixed. What else can I say. I like it.

    Good luck folks
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    Is there any real value to TT outisde of scalping?
  10. Hi

    Does anyone use FFastfill? It looks very similar to TT, and it is cheaper. Thank you....

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