Alternatives to TradeStation?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Boulder, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. joesan


    what about multi-datafeed like quotetracker, that will attract the vast potential customers
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  2. As much as we like IB and as much as we have defended IB in the past we are not using the IB datafeed - it is just not stacking up to our requirements.

    We agree with bobear that the data is just not suitable for trading and this includes the real time datafeed (which is not a true tick datafeed) I will add that we have not been impressed with eSignal and are not using eSignal for datafeed.

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  3. we had a look at it and it got thrown in the rubbish in a hurry. not relying for a business on that stuff.

    still sticking with ts2000i

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  4. mokwit


    It is true that IB datafeed keeps up with the market but the risk in relying on them is that they make changes without telling anybody. e.g recently I switched on to find that Backfill was no longer working. See here

    For a a while overall using IB backfill was a viable alternative to paying $3-400 for lagging unreliable feeds like eSignal as after a few teething problems it worked well. However I can't rely on a company that makes unnanounced changes and then blames 3rd party apps for changes they (IB) have made. This removes one reason for using IB and tolerating the IB attitude to customers. I am beginning to think they are just not worth the headaches.

    There are still problems with the FX data (bad ticks).

    In terms of solutions for Asian markets where the lack of non Bloomberg priced datafeeds made IB charting and backfill a great deal, I am looking at Reuters Bridgestation and contacting data feed converter writers asking them if they would consider including this for their apps for e.g Tradestation.

    Would be interested in the experience of others with this feed. I had Reuters on my desk for 10 years and never saw it go down for reasons traceable to Reuters and a friend who was in a prop shop in London and knew the price of latency said Bridgestation was fine.
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  5. just21


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  6. mokwit


    Thanks Just21. Looking at that one as I can also run Sierra off it via a DDE link. Pricewise you are looking at EUR 1290 for Linkserver on top of Bridgestation fees. Totals out at a min $260/Month - cheaper than eSignal was for me and way below BBG, Reuters, CQG etc.

    Hyperserver offer a non backfill Bridgestation adaptor for TS and an 'on demand' version further down the road is not impossible. Others I have contacted are open minded if the demand is there.
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  7. joesan


    Hyperserver is no longer free. Today I received their order form , quoting Euro50 for hyperserver lite and Euro99 for hyperserver 3.0.
    Anybody know what is the difference between these two versions ?
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  8. mokwit


    Metaserver is $168 and is frankly better. Main thing is that it has backfill (currently not working due to IB changes) can force a reconnection without restarting the program.
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  9. mydesign


    Hyperserver 3 is supposed to support IB backfill.
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  10. how is their licensing done? is it tied to PCID and do you need to get a new license / activation key when you change hardware?

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