Alternatives to TradeStation?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Boulder, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Is TradeStation the undisputed king for traders new to automated trading?

    Or are there alternative systems that rival TradeStation?


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    Amnibroker from what I understand? Not sure if it is as robust and if you can have floating charts so you can display over multi monitors?
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    This one is a new competitor, that can run EasyLanguage (100% of all code works):

    currently it is only available for Reuters and Bloomberg users, but the new Version 3 that we release in couple of weeks, will have eSignal support and IB Order Routing. German Version is already in Beta for 3 months now with tremendous feedback.

    TSe 3.0 features these exciting new features: Optimizer is twice as fast as TS8. Can store millions of results in an MDB and uses multiprocessors if available (up to eight). It allows portfolio trading (simulation and realtime execution. Of course with portoflio level money management). Programming is possible (Can execute all ELA code but it is enhanced a lot), but Strategies can also be generated using a new impressive wizard (take my word for it! :)

    Stay tuned. If the eSignal provider is running we will open a public US beta.

    Boris Ottlewski
    SystemSoft -
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    I'm not aware of any commercial package that would be better than TS for running automated systems. Especially not one with integrated data service and brokerage. In my experience, TS is really quite good for that.

    If you want something better suited to your own unique situation, I think you would need to create your own platform (or hire someone to do that for you).

  6. You need to define the level of Automated Trading.
    For lower level (simple, retail) TS and other platforms are pretty good. I use TS for simple strategies to play around - I can understand the easyLanguage.

    For highlevel (professional) automated trading, then you need to begin witting to the APIs of brokers. Genesis, IMO, is the best for this. I really do not recommend using IB, it is much slower and inefficient, if you are trading stock.

    I know that you can hook up your strategy in TradeStation to Genesis, if you use TradeBolt, that is what I am thinking of doing for some of my simple stuff.

    My programmers are busy as they ever were.
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    There's also Strategy Runner. It's just an order entry platform, the charting module is there, but it's only basic stuff. My trading is discretionary, so I have no experience for auto mode. For futures only, no stocks.
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    Will it accept a Thomson One data feed or throguh DDE link? I would think it would?

    Can you float charts on multi monitors?

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    Bobaer - what do you expect TradeSignal to cost. I am interested in using it with IB in the U.S.

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