Alternatives to Thinkorswim's option analytics

Discussion in 'Options' started by et1400, Oct 1, 2011.

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    I like Thinkorswim's interface and analytics for trading options spread. In particular I like:

    * One click "create duplicate" or "create opposite" trades
    * Easy/fast spread trade entry with good keyboard shortcuts - it's quick to enter the put and call sides of an IC, make adjustments to see how it affects the risk profile, and then enter the trade
    * The simulated trades + risk profile analytics for options - valuable when watching a vertical spread or iron condor and tweaking it in real-time

    Other brokerage software I've seen is really clunky and doesn't compare. However, with recent issues around ToS's platform (I still have errors on my YTD profit/loss that they haven't corrected after over a month), I want to make sure I have an alternative/backup in case I ever decide to switch.

    Does anyone else have recommendations for other brokerages with excellent software for trading options?