Alternatives to 'Independence Day'

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  2. We've been invaded by illegal Aliens day...
  3. "Our president has created a war not meant to be won but sustained to benefit large defense contractors and oil producers and the opposing party is in on it day"
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    Immigrant's Day

    Amnesty Day

    H-1b Day (Not to be confused with H1-Bidet)

    North American Union Day

    UN Day

    Free Trade Day

    Value Diversity Day

    Since Amnesty was defeated by ordinary citizens who demanded that their voice count, today's the 4th has it's traditional meaning

    But for how much longer? That's kind of up to all of us

    It really bothers me to be lectured by immigrants (legal and not) that sovereignty doesnt matter

    I'd just as soon they express that opinion on the OTHER side of the border

    Did you know that the US population was 29 million at the time of the civil war? (20 million north, 9 million south)

    Doesnt that put some perspective on a 20 million person INVASION of illegal aliens?
  5. If so then war related deaths should be treated as work related fatalities, well under OSHA stats.:confused:
  6. gringos,
    ya can watch keith olbermann requesting bush n chenney resign.
  7. ya can also use nypost as toilet papers.
  8. Taco Bell napkins are better, seriously though, besides your posts the only other reading I do is the NY Post.:D

    Happy July 4th hellrider.
  9. Obviously you're irony proof.

    In 1776 California was Spanish. So was Texas.

    Until just a decade and a half before the Civil war they were part of Mexico.

    Believe it or not neither Ben Franklin nor Thomas Jefferson had never been to either.......:)

    Why does the fact that Mexican's are "invading" cities named Los Angeles and San Antonio surprise folks.

    It's funny that white America bends over backwards (and takes it up the ass) for African-Americans whose descendants were slaves but then we get all self righteous about folks returning to areas that we won in war.

    Would you rather live in East L.A. or South Central?

    For me the answer would be clear........

  10. let's ask the ones that live there:

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