Alternatives to IB and TS for trading both stocks & futures

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  1. ChrisRT


    As far as I know, their system is only real time, not incorporated historical data, so I'm not sure how that would work with automated system that might require historical data. But as for their service, I continue to like the easy to use platform and once the futures comms come down, it will be inline with most of the low cost niche players, only it will be a more reliable system to use than most of the current low cost niche brokers.
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  2. Just wondering : how much is the cost of the sofware with Tradestation? $99/month? Can you use TS with no real time data and pay a lower fee? I don't know but it seems like IB and TS eclipsed the rest of the EDAT brokers, used to be you had to pay $250/month to trade on Realtick, now where are they the RT brokers? Thanks IB !
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  3. ChrisRT


    Yeah, Realtick is not making many happy and with good reason. The software becomes more unreliable and their fees for access are ridiculous in comparison. Fortunately, with MBT, traders can also integrate into one of several platforms at a comparable price to what the IB/TS relationship is. The integration feature of EDAT brokers is another wave of change that I applaud. The less reliable brokers are on Realtick, the better. Gives traders more options for their packages.
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  4. I found REDI (SLK) to be one big pain in the.

    IB's TWS is by far more comfortable.
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  5. kowboy


    I just stumbled over this site. It advertises 1/2 cent and no ecn pass throughs.

    Also has options and emini futures.

    I am not going to use them because they have no bullets and am going with Xoomtrade instead because of the bullets.

    But the price sounds good.
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  6. Software Fees
    The monthly software fee for TrackTrade is $99. This does not include exchange fees. The monthly charge is automatically deducted from the cash in your account. If there is no cash, the fee will be debited.

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