Alternatives to IB and TS for trading both stocks & futures

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  1. Hello,

    Besides Interactive Brokers and Tradestation, what brokers offer the possibility of automated trading of BOTH futures and stocks? The broker would be used primarily for scalping so both reliability and very fast order execution would be a premium.

    FWIW, I am definitely considering both IB and TS at this point. However, I have read so much about both IB and TS on this board that I would like to hear someone's thoughts/experiences with other brokers.

    Any recommendations?

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    I use IB (The only firm that let's me have a EURO based acct) but you can also take a look at MB trading.
  3. MB Trading also has futures.
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  5. Many professional traders use SLK
  6. Is SLK a programing language? I think i read somehwehre
    about it
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    Perhaps SLK = Spear Leeds & Kellogg.
    A bunch of REDI traders.

  8. Thanks for info
  9. Based on their website, MB Trading looks pretty good. Does anyone have any experience using their SDK (Software Development Kit) to develop an automated trading system? How does their SDK/API compare to that of IB?
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    Don't over look the fine print on the MB Trading web site. RESTRICTED TRADING HOURS

    Futures trading is currently available from 8:30am to 4:15pm ET. Click here for current futures margin requirements or call MB Trading Futures at (866) 628-3003.
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