Alternatives to HK?

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  1. Been using HK as residency (without physically living there) for brokerage and banking. I opened the account when I actually lived there so address proof etc were not a problem. With this setup, I don't have to pay any taxes related to my trading and can use reputable brokers open to HK clients.

    Given the increased uncertainty about HK future in the long-term, having some brainstorming what other jurisdictions can provide identical benefits (totally free capital flows, sound legal framework, financial stability, null tax, access to reputable brokers etc). Any ideas? Singapore is a clear option. Panama is another one but clearly trails HK on all criteria.
  2. Monaco. Hardly a hidden gem. Aren’t you liable to pay tax where you live?
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    Yes, so it is an unreported account. Good luck.
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    Avoid Panama IMO. CORRUPT!:caution::caution::caution:
    You can have 50% of my 6 figure account I have there if you get the funds out.
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    Do you have your funds in HK Dollars? If so, you may want to look-up the recent interviews of Kyle Bass on YouTube. The odds are growing higher that the HKD will have to have a major re-pegged (i.e. devalued) within 18 months, by his guesstimate. Hong Kong gubmint has spent 80% of their reserves to maintain the current peg.

    It's a bold statement, considering that the current peg has existed for 35+ years. But look at those interviews (on the Real Finance Vision channel). Dudes got skillz.
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    Is your post a variation on the Nigerian scam?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    " scammer will tell you an elaborate story about large amounts of their money trapped in banks during events such as civil wars or coups, often in countries currently in the news. Or they may tell you about a large inheritance that is 'difficult to access' because of government restrictions or taxes in their country. The scammer will then offer you a large sum of money to help them transfer their personal fortune out of the country."
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    Go on.
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    kylebasslol. he's been short china for years lol and his returns sucked for many years now. maybe he's finally right but let's keep it real :)
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    New Zealand?
  10. Bum


    Oh please.
    The 6 figure account is GONE! Yes, a real broker scam job. I trusted a friend of a friend. My mistake. I even walked out of my bank before wiring the $$ as I didn't trust Panama. Foolishly trusted this U.S. resident after he gave me a verbal guarantee the $$ was safe :-(

    No, I'm not a scammer & NO it wasn't a real offer.
    Just suggesting the OP might want to avoid Panama.
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