Alternatives to Esignal?

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  1. What else is out there at a comparable price?
  2. Tradestation 8 is cheaper than eSignal, but 10 time better.

    Esignal premier------------$115
    Future add-on--------------$25
    optionsplus add-on--------$50
    CME market depth---------$20 (surecharge)
    Spot forex data-------------$50
    DJ news wire----------------$20 overpriced
    Turbo scanner---------------$50
    Total 340$

    You will get all this with Tradestation 8 for $199+ $60 RaderScreen.

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    Let's not forget TS 8 cost $99 per month base if you use them as your broker. I am pretty happy with them.
  4. You can also try "Tradestation offline patch" if your
    friends has TS8 for as long as you want, before
    subscribing to it.
  5. ElCubano


    realtick is a nice one...i use esignal but have been looking to switch to realtick which i used about 4 years ago...
  6. Realtick has poor data, and you can't feed it from external

    And it's expensive as hell.
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    you could get cqg for a little more.


    futuresource workstation (no mp i think) for a lot less ($200)

    both are more reliable.

    prorealtime is also supposed to be good and that only costs $50 pcm + exchange data
  8. CQG has nearly everything TS8 offers, and much better
    data feed, but overall it's still expensive at $550/month

    Trader workstation isn't a value at $200, because it has
    no any features expects simple quotes and charting, but
    reliable feed.

    I think if you could afford Esignal pro or primier, than TS8
    is the best alternative at same price
  9. Thanks so far for the replies.
  10. Have you seen/considered MetaStock QuoteCenter, it is nothing but a re-packaged Reuters Trader targeted at retail ... with a very low cost of entry indeed.
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