Alternatives to Esignal?

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  1. What else is out there at a comparable price?
  2. Tradestation 8 is cheaper than eSignal, but 10 time better.

    Esignal premier------------$115
    Future add-on--------------$25
    optionsplus add-on--------$50
    CME market depth---------$20 (surecharge)
    Spot forex data-------------$50
    DJ news wire----------------$20 overpriced
    Turbo scanner---------------$50
    Total 340$

    You will get all this with Tradestation 8 for $199+ $60 RaderScreen.

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    Let's not forget TS 8 cost $99 per month base if you use them as your broker. I am pretty happy with them.
  4. You can also try "Tradestation offline patch" if your
    friends has TS8 for as long as you want, before
    subscribing to it.
  5. realtick is a nice one...i use esignal but have been looking to switch to realtick which i used about 4 years ago...
  6. Realtick has poor data, and you can't feed it from external

    And it's expensive as hell.
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    you could get cqg for a little more.


    futuresource workstation (no mp i think) for a lot less ($200)

    both are more reliable.

    prorealtime is also supposed to be good and that only costs $50 pcm + exchange data
  8. CQG has nearly everything TS8 offers, and much better
    data feed, but overall it's still expensive at $550/month

    Trader workstation isn't a value at $200, because it has
    no any features expects simple quotes and charting, but
    reliable feed.

    I think if you could afford Esignal pro or primier, than TS8
    is the best alternative at same price
  9. Thanks so far for the replies.
  10. Have you seen/considered MetaStock QuoteCenter, it is nothing but a re-packaged Reuters Trader targeted at retail ... with a very low cost of entry indeed.
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