Alternatives To Cable/Sat TV

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  1. I read an article a week or so ago about increasing numbers of people who are ditching their over-priced cable or sat TV hookups in favor of over-the-air free digital TV and internet/NFLX services.

    Anyone here doing that? I realize I only watch about three or four channels regularly, but I'm not sure I can get them without a premium sub apckage. Speed, NFL Network, Golf, Tennis, HGTV, Spike, CNBC and Bloomberg. That's about it. Maybe some USA.

    Direct TV's 101 channel is great, and Showtime has its moments. Nothing I can't live without though.

    I hate changing services every couple of years to get a better deal too.

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    If you can hook up your tv to your computer, you'll be pretty much all set with these three and won't need pay tv.




    veetle is the only one that you need to download the software. It seems very safe to me.
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    I don't know how you feel about torrents, but you can get basicly everything using it. I read your movie going experience...
    You could go the Netflix/Amazon route, specially that Netflix has Showtime shows immediatelly, including Spartacus...
    I have seen NFL online but the quality wasn't the best, it is only good when you are on the road. CNBC is also aviable at certain sites....

    If you want to stay legal, Hulu is I think $10 a month, so for 18$ you could get Hulu and Netflix. Hulu for TV shows, Netflix for the movies...
  4. veetle is the only one that you need to download the software. It seems very safe to me.

    fhl did you down load it?
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    Yes, have had it for maybe six months or so with no problems.

    Also, they had a banner on their page saying that you could watch their streams on an ipad without downloading anything.
  6. Thanks FHL. I hate time warner cable.
  7. Cool. I'll look into it.
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    TV is in big, big trouble. I'm so glad. They've earned their problems.
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    Hey, I shouldn't have given the impression that what I suggested is anywhere near as good as cable or sat. It's just that I don't watch much tv and the occasional game or movie off of these sites works great for someone like me. If you like a lot of tv, always high quality signal, etc, what i've suggested probably won't satisfy you.
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