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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sledged, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Can anyone point me towards the stocks that trade most closely corelated with the price of Natty Gas? I will not touch the UNG, the whole rollover effect and the annoying task of filing at tax time being that it is a partnership has kept me away. Although it may seem like trying to catch a falling knife I think it may finally have approached a bottom. We have officially hit the point where it is cheaper to run an efficient gas power plant than to run a coal one, to me this signals a bottom. The builds should settle out and also with the larger coal power plants going on their annual outage soon we will see even more gas being burned. I would like to get long here. I welcome anyones opinion on my theory, thanks.
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    Why don't you trade the NG futures?

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    Those are pretty big contracts, as a small timer I dont want to put that kind of size on. I also want a longer term investment vehicle, not something that will expire. I understand that natty can sit here for a while, I am looking at it from a long term herizon.
  4. So you know, there is a mini NG futures contract (I think margin is around $3,000).
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    I hope someone took my advice, CHK up about $6 since my call.