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  1. Caballito


    Hello everyone,

    I am very interested in TradeStation's RadarScreen feature. I have contacted TradeStation but they wouldnt let me subscribe to RadarScreen only without going for the full charting package, which mounts up to over 300 dollars per month unless I open a brokerage account with them and trade enough contracts through them. I am not interested in that option because I trade through Interactive Brokers and I am totally satisfied with that. Also, I am not interested in subscribing to the entire charting package because I use MultiCharts which basically it's a cheap version of TradeStation charts.

    Anyway, so since I only want RadarScreen but I cannot get it as an stand-alone software without paying dearly for it, does anyone know of an alternative for it?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. dst

    dst Interactive Brokers

  3. Caballito


    Yes I have, but I cannot program it to screen stocks with my own fully-programmable parameters. For example, I want the stock screener to show me stocks that fulfill ALL the following parameters in the daily chart:

    1) Price above 55 EMA
    2) Price above 100 EMA
    3) 55 EMA above 100 EMA
    4) MACD histogram > 0
    5) ADX > 20

    Can IB's scanner do that? if not, what other software (other than RadarScreen) can do it?

    Thank you.
  4. just21


    Intraday or daily?
  5. Caballito


    Daily charts
  6. Sashe


  7. Stockfetcher seems interesting. I like the trendlines.... No need to try and draw them myself for certain searches.
  8. Caballito


    Stock Fetcher does actually seem interesting. I wish it could be used real time, but it's a good beginning indeed.
  9. All the quotes I pulled with it were up to the minute.
  10. Caballito


    I dont seem to understand the use of becoming a member. What exactly do you get as an extra?
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